Chemicals News

The Indian Chemical Industry forms the backbone of the industrial and agricultural development of India and provides building blocks for several downstream industries. According to the Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals, the Indian chemical industry is estimated to be worth approximately US$ 35 bn, which is about 3% of Indias total GDP. In terms of volume, it is 12th largest in the world and 3rd largest in Asia. Exports of chemicals from India have increased significantly and account for about 14% of total exports and 9% of total imports of the country. Some of the major markets for chemicals are North America, Western Europe, Japan and emerging economies in Asia and Latin America. Globalization has opened the doors for this sector to capture a major part of the global market pie. Similarly fertilizer industry is one industry with immense scopes in the future. India is the third largest fertilizer producer in the world. In the present scenario,there are more than 57 large and 64 medium and small fertilizer production units under the India fertilizer industry. The fertilizer industry in India with its rapid growth is all set to make a long lasting global impression. There is huge demand for chemical industry news as well as Fertilizer industry news, News Notice and Procurement Notices.

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