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Fuelled by increased demand for consultancy services by domestic and foreign firms, the sector in India is projected to grow at an annual rate of 30 per cent to become Rs 17,000 crore industry. The consulting industry in India currently stands at Rs 13,000 crore. Rising opportunities due to a booming economy and growing demand for consultancy services are key factor for growth. There would be over 2.2 lakh people working in this field over the next three years in the 8500-9000 consultancy firms across the country. Professional competence, low cost structure, diverse capabilities and adaptability are the reasons whyIndian consultants scoring over their global peers. The US, UK,Japan, China, Saudi Arabia and Gulf nations acknowledge India's consultancy firms. Indian consultancy capabilities are strong in areas like civil engineering, telecom, power, metallurgy, chemical and computer software. There are ample business opportunity for a consultancy services through Consultancy News, Consultancy Global News, Consultancy government news,international news, Consultancy ICBs, News news, News online,International Bids, Consultancy news notification, Consultancy news notices, news news, Consultancy public news, online news, Consultancy RFPs, RFQs and  commercial news etc.

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Americas, APEC Countries 17-Feb-2020 Canada : Complete review of Employment Standards Act to benefit Island workforce and employers.
Asia, MENA Countries 17-Feb-2020 Bahrain : Parliamentary Youth and Sports Committee discusses the proposal for a law “organizing sport”.
Asia, MENA Countries 17-Feb-2020 Bahrain : CBB and SWIFT hold workshop on Financial Crime Compliance (FCC).
Australia & Oceania, Asia Pacific, APEC Countries 17-Feb-2020 Australia : Tough new $1,000 on the spot fines for drivers using mobile phone.
Asia, MENA Countries 17-Feb-2020 Bahrain : Al-Shoura discusses amending the civil service law and discussing obliging the offending worker with the costs of returning to his country.
Asia, MENA Countries 17-Feb-2020 Bahrain : "Shura services": Our adherence to the Bahraini not to bear the expenses of deporting the violating worker, and our recent amendment established the opinion of the committee.
Europe, Mediterranean 17-Feb-2020 Slovenia : Closing of the 2nd Call for Proposals for Work Activity for Damage Reduction and Forest Restoration 2014-2020.
Europe, Mediterranean 17-Feb-2020 Slovenia : On February 2, 2020, the 2nd Call for Proposals for the activity "Damage Reduction and Restoration" of the RDP 2014-2020 will be closed.
Europe, Mediterranean 17-Feb-2020 Slovenia : Information on the publication of a contract for the selection of the contractor for the Youth 2020 survey.
Australia & Oceania, Asia Pacific, APEC Countries 17-Feb-2020 New Zealand : Public consultation opens for regulation of inhibitors used in agriculture.
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