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Fuelled by increased demand for consultancy services by domestic and foreign firms, the sector in India is projected to grow at an annual rate of 30 per cent to become Rs 17,000 crore industry. The consulting industry in India currently stands at Rs 13,000 crore. Rising opportunities due to a booming economy and growing demand for consultancy services are key factor for growth. There would be over 2.2 lakh people working in this field over the next three years in the 8500-9000 consultancy firms across the country. Professional competence, low cost structure, diverse capabilities and adaptability are the reasons whyIndian consultants scoring over their global peers. The US, UK,Japan, China, Saudi Arabia and Gulf nations acknowledge India's consultancy firms. Indian consultancy capabilities are strong in areas like civil engineering, telecom, power, metallurgy, chemical and computer software. There are ample business opportunity for a consultancy services through Consultancy News, Consultancy Global News, Consultancy government news,international news, Consultancy ICBs, News news, News online,International Bids, Consultancy news notification, Consultancy news notices, news news, Consultancy public news, online news, Consultancy RFPs, RFQs and  commercial news etc.

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Europe, Mediterranean 31-Mar-2020 Portugal : Extraordinary measures to support the economy and maintain employment within Portugal 2020.
Americas, APEC Countries 31-Mar-2020 United States : Senator Murray Highlights Federal Relief for Workers in Senate Coronavirus Package, Promises More Action.
Americas, APEC Countries 31-Mar-2020 United States : Murphy Votes for Massive Stimulus Package to Aid Workers, Families, Hospitals and Small Businesses in Connecticut.
Americas, APEC Countries 31-Mar-2020 United States : Murkowski, Colleagues to Secretary Pompeo: Push Back on Saudi Arabia and Russia to Protect American Jobs.
Americas, Asia, CIS, APEC Countries 31-Mar-2020 United States,Uzbekistan : An important legal basis in the fight against pandemics.
Australia & Oceania, Asia Pacific, APEC Countries 31-Mar-2020 Australia : Please cancel travel to regional NSW.
Europe 31-Mar-2020 Austria : Invitation to Co-design a European Partnership on Urban Transitions.
Americas, APEC Countries 31-Mar-2020 Chile : After the marathon day, the Mixed Commission advanced in an agreement for a project that makes the use of unemployment insurance more flexible.
Asia, Asia Pacific, APEC Countries 31-Mar-2020 Philippines : Nancy Appeals to Tourism Congress to Donate Pillows, Beddings to Quarantine Centers.
Europe 31-Mar-2020 Hungary : Justice Minister Judit Varga rejected criticisms related to “enabling act” in Politico.
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