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The world's primary sources of energy are the sun,geothermal activity, water, nuclear reactions and hydrocarbons including oil,natural gas, coal and biomass. Secondary energy sources include petroleum products refined from crude oil and gas; biofuels derived from biomass;electricity generated from coal, nuclear reactions, water (hydro), and the sun.The US Department of Energy predicts world energy consumption will rise 71% from2007 levels by 2030. The IEA estimated investment in the energy sector needs to be US$ 5,000 billion in order to meet 2030 energy demand. Today, the electrical and electronics industry is experiencing phenomenal and remarkable changes worldwide. The worldwide electronics industry is distinguished by fast technological advances and has grown rapidly than most other industries over years. Top three electrical and electronic goods manufacturing countries in the world are: United States of America, Japan and Korea respectively. The World's electrical market size was $1038.8 billion in 2006, and forecasted to grow more. Western Europe comprising of 16 countries is contributing around 22% of the global market share.Simultaneously, Eastern Europe is forecasted to grow about $ 24 billion in 2013 from $ 9 billion in 2006. If we talk ofAsia Pacific region, China, Japan, North & South Korea,Singapore and India are thetop manufacturer of electrical and electronic products. Among these Asiancountries, Chinais becoming the manufacturing region of electronic products on theglobe. In United States of America,cities like New York, Atlanta, Colorado, Detroit, Florida,New England, San Diego, San Francisco, and Texas can be named as an industrial hub of electronics industry. At percent, Asia is growing with more speed in comparison to Americas and Europe. As a result a large number of Power News, Electrical News, Electrical Global News, Electrical government news, international news, govt news, global Power, Electrical ICBs, Electrical News news, News online, International Bids, ICBs, news news afloat word wide.

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Europe, CIS, Asia Pacific, APEC Countries 13-Aug-2020 Russian Federation : Alexander Novak took part in a meeting on the progress of the construction of the Baimsky mining and processing plant.
Europe, CIS, Asia Pacific, APEC Countries 13-Aug-2020 Russian Federation : Alexander Novak: "The government's decision to change the scheme of the Chukotka power center takes into account the construction of a floating nuclear power plant".
Europe, CIS, Asia Pacific, APEC Countries 13-Aug-2020 Russian Federation : The system operator has implemented digital systems for monitoring stability margins in the ODU of the Center, Voronezh and Lipetsk RDU.
Asia, CIS 13-Aug-2020 Kazakhstan : In January-July 2020, oil exports amounted to 42 million tons — Ministry of Energy.
Europe 13-Aug-2020 Lithuania : Minister of Energy Z. Vaiciunas: nuclear safety is the responsibility of the IAEA, therefore it would be irresponsible to tolerate what is happening in Belarus BE.
Europe 13-Aug-2020 Lithuania : Minister Z. Vaiciunas: Belarus's rush and division of licenses is incompatible with nuclear safety.
Europe 13-Aug-2020 Lithuania : Minister Z. Vaiciunas appealed to the EC regarding Belarus' actions in hastening the release of the unsafe Belarusian BE.
Europe 13-Aug-2020 Lithuania : The progress of Ignalina NPP decommissioning and the nearest plans are presented.
Asia, Asia Pacific 13-Aug-2020 Taiwan Province of China : Delta Electronics’ Consolidated Sales Revenues for July 2020 Totaled NT$25,782 Million.
Europe, CIS, Asia Pacific, APEC Countries 13-Aug-2020 Russian Federation : A Regular Meeting of the Headquarters for Monitoring the Production and Consumption of Petroleum Products Was Held.
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