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Russian Federation 04-Aug-2020 The Right To Conclude An Agreement For The Provision Of Information Services For Access To The Resume Database And Posting Vacancies Of Konsist-os Jsc In The Internet Resource..
Estimated Cost: 792249
Russian Federation 04-Aug-2020 Providing Software Activation Key (s) For Organizing A System For Analyzing And Controlling Network Access And Configurations.
Estimated Cost: 82114
Vietnam 04-Aug-2020 Store And Use The Corporation~~s Old Fmis Software.
Estimated Cost: 104267308
Russian Federation 04-Aug-2020 Granting The Right To Update Versions Of Pc "grand-smeta" And The Database "gesn-2020, Fer-2020" For The Needs Of Jsc "31 Gpiss" (5 Lots).
Estimated Cost: 416000
Vietnam 04-Aug-2020 07 2020 Vht K3-cdfe Supply Of Components, Supplies And Power Supplies.
Estimated Cost: 445458200
Vietnam 04-Aug-2020 Procuring Laptops For Propaganda And Mobilizing The People To Participate In The Fight Against Crime And Build A Movement Of The Entire People To Protect The National Security.
Estimated Cost: 292400000
Germany 04-Aug-2020 Research Platform Num.
Vietnam 04-Aug-2020 Package 01: Periodical Maintenance Of Information Technology Equipment In 2020 At Nghe An Tax Department And Tax Departments.
Estimated Cost: 140685000
Vietnam 04-Aug-2020 Special-speed Printer.
Estimated Cost: 194700000
Vietnam 04-Aug-2020 Package 01: Shopping Teaching And Learning Equipment For School Sites In The District In 2020.
Estimated Cost: 5955185000
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Sub Sector From Information Technology (IT)
Technology Hardware and Equipment (7417)
  • Semiconductor, Office Automation
  • Computer Hardware
  • LAN, WAN, Internet
  • Electronics
  • Engineered Systems
Software Services (8083)
Smart Cards and other Access Control system (703)
  • Smart Card/Plastic Card
  • Access Control Systems
  • Biometric Devices
  • Fingerprint/Palm Readers
  • RFID
  • Barcode Readers/Card Readers
GIS/ GPS (1051)
  • Geographic Information System
  • Mapping Services
  • Satellite Imagery
  • Aerial Photography
  • Weather Information System
  • Geophysical, Geological
  • GPS
  • Vehicle/Vessel Tracking Solutions
  • Passenger/People Tracking Solution
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