Paper and Packaging News

The global paper industry is dominated by North American (United States, Canada), northern European (Finland, Sweden)and East Asian countries (such as Japan). Australasia and Latin America also have significant pulp and paper industries. Both India and China are expected to be key in the industry's growth over the next few years.Global packaging industry growth rates vary across the types of packaging. The growth rate of beverages package industry is 3.2%, whereas it is 5% for health care products. Various market reports establish the fact that the domestic packaging market shares 29% of the global market. The overall capital involved in global packaging market is approx. $433 billion. Packaging Industry is one of the major industries in India that has significant role in creating wealth for the nation, by preserving and protecting the value created by other manufacturing units. Indias packaging industry may achieve an annual turnover as high as US$ 5 billion int he current financial year with a growth rate nearly 25 per cent in significant segments. There is huge opportunity in paper and packaging industry as news from paper industry, packaging industry news, global news notices from packaging, public news notice from paper and packaging industries are in great demand. 

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